Who we are

Isabel Marques
Choreographer and dance director, dance teacher and researcher. PhD in Education (University of São Paulo/1996), MA in Dance Studies (Trinity Laban London/1989) and first Degree in Pedagogy. Founder of Caleidos Dance Co. in 1996. Co-founder of Caleidos Institute, with Fábio Brazil, in São Paulo City. Dance education consultant for São Paulo City Secretary of Education (under the supervision of Paulo Freire), for the Brazilian Ministry of Education, and for UNESCO. Extensive publications in Brazil and abroad about dance/education and teacher training. Artistic awards in Contemporary Dance from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, São Paulo State Secretary of Culture, São Paulo City Secretary of Culture, and Vitae Foundation.

Fábio Brazil
Poet, writer, dramaturge and dance director. First Degree in Language and Literature (Catholic University of São Paulo/1987), teacher and high school coordinator (1988-1999). Co-director of Caleidos Dance Co. and co-founder, with Isabel Marques, of Caleidos Institute, in São Paulo City. Art education and communication consultant for the São Paulo Secretary of Education, and SENAC. Author of the books “Bola da Vez” and “Gota de Sangue” awarded by the São Paulo State Secretary of Culture. Artistic awards in Contemporary Dance from the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and São Paulo City Secretary of Culture.

Created in 1996 by Dr. Isabel Marques, Caleidos Dance Co. is a Brazilian contemporary dance company initially founded as a research group at the University of Campinas. Since 1998, the company has Fábio Brazil as a co-director and has become independent from the university to fully explore its artistic, research and educational mission. Since its creation, the company’s aims remain the same: to encourage creative dance work that embraces and celebrates diversity: in age, social class, gender, religion, nationality, and sexual orientation; to conduct dance/education original research; to develop artistic productions that supports the emergence of critical and self-aware education. The company integrates dance/education through workshops and courses, teacher training programs, dance performances, seminars and publications. Through this blend of dance performances (meant as open invitations to participate) and social actions, the company has established a unique way to connect dance with education and with a wide range of social issues. With its deep commitment to interpersonal understanding, social awareness, and transformation, the company has brought these dance/education work throughout Brazil and abroad. .

Dance Performances:
1996: Coreológicas I
1998: City in Transit
2001: Coreológicas II and Poetry: present!
2003: Silence
2004: Jail! and Coreológicas III
2005: Common Sense
2006: Coreológicas IV
2007: Coreológicas Brasil-Finland
2008: Coreológicas V
2009: Family Atmosphere and Coreológicas Ludus
2010: Four Chants
2011: Urban Maps
2012/2013: To whom it may concern
2014: Tria
2015: Mairto
2016: Via Urbis

Awards and Prizes
- Prize “Estímulo”
by São Paulo City Secretary of Culture, 2003/04
- Award “Programa Municipal de Fomento a Dança/SP”
by São Paulo City Secretary of Culture, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015
- Award “Programa de Ação Cultural”
by São Paulo State Secretary of Culture, 2009, 2010, 2015
- Prize “Funarte de Dança Klauss Vianna”
by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, 2013, 2015

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